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Alpha Snowshoe creeper
This is my alpha Kirmay from my closed species Snowshoe creepers.

Shes a inverted alpha.
Here's their characteristics

 Snowshoe Creepers ( Commonly known as Drabbits)

Breed: Part Rabbit part Dragon

Body types: Slender short haired, Stocky Woolly coat, Well-built muscular body woolly underbelly, rest of body scalely, Burly heavy armoured scales.

Classes: Common, Uncommon, Rare/Royal, Warrior

Clan sizes: no more than 100 drabbits in a clan one Royal per clan (Alpha of the clan) After a certain amount of drabbits are in a clan outcast will become a occurrence, for most outcast over time they come together to form their own clans. Theses clans are mostly made of common and uncommon Snowshoes though have a few warrior class that stand as sentries over the clan( Warrior class can only be given by the royal of the clan. Warrior class can be given at any age as long as the clan member proves their worth)

Common class: Earthy natural coat colours slim bodies with short coats. Only Blue, Green, Brown and Golden eye colours are found in commons.

Uncommon class: Still earthy coloured coats though with small vibrant coloured marking mostly used to attract a mate and warding off attackers.

Rare/ Royal class: Larger then commons and uncommons Royals are stronger and posses stronger magical abilities. Small dragon wings are on their backs, though they unable to fly they use their wings for balance, gain speed while hunting and making sharp turns they are also used to cool them off in the summer months. Like commons and uncommons their coats come in earthy colours but that is only located on their underbellies while their back head and legs are covered in scales which change colours with the seasons. Royal eye colours rage from Blues, purples, greens, gray, red and pink.

Warrior class: this class is given not as a birth right. To obtain this class a common/ uncommon must prove themselves to the Royal of the clan that they are tough and loyal. The burly hardened scale armour is given to the lucky few that prove themselves this armour is not a permanent fixture, the armour will dissipate when a warriors sentry duties are over returning the drabbit to their common or uncommon form. Warrior class armour scales are in brighter colours to warn off intruders like royals, warriors have dragon wings upon their backs though these wing are not real they are made of unmeltable ice crystals though still can be moved. They are commonly being used as weapons in battle. Warrior eye colours are all white with ash rings around iris. Also the gender of a warrior is not visible to the eye until their armour is dissipated.

Gender Differences: There aren't many differences but the main one is that all females have a rabbit like nose and rabbit like eyes, whereas the males do not. 

The first pic in months (Golden Heart re-draw)
-Recap of Golden Heart's backstory-

Golden Heart was originally a regular Unicorn but made the mistake of going into the Everfree forest.
While in there she comes across an unsavory character who only wants to be pain and suffering.
He forces her to drink a random concoction he made but he wasn't prepared for what was going to happen.
Upon drinking the liquid, she experienced eminence pain and blacks out.
when she wakes her assailant is gone and she now has a pair of wings on her back.
Confused, dizzy and still in pain she struggles to stand.
When she finally stumbles back to Ponyvile she bumps into Twilight.
Who as you would expect freaks out about Golden being an Alicorn.
She questions her for hours finally being stopped by her friends who could see that Golden had told her everything and was tired.

That's the short version of the backstory short and sweet.

Just putting this here so i'm not chastised for having a Alicorn OC she is not a Princess and never will be for one.
Two she isn't as graceful as the Princess and can't fly very well at all, so walk everywhere.  
Three her magic is strong but not Princess strong.

Golden Heart belongs to me randomcatgirl 
MLP belongs to Hasbro        
WIP random being a grumpy traveling mother
This just popped into my head and I had the draw it.
A more realistic looking random and her son (who has no name yet, if anyone has a suggestion for his name i'm open for it)
There's bad anatomy I know but I never draw things with correct anatomy.   


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I'm a loving random femmie that loves to laugh and have good time with friends. I love Transformers and MLP and I don't care who knows it.

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Thank you.


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